Unbelievable Image


The Calligraphy of Muhammad Formed Inside A Stone by Nature

Extremely Valuable. Only one known in the World!

Occuring Naturally without Alteration.

Mounted in a beautiful handcrafted 18 K gold pendant, ringed with hand carved 18 K solid gold lettering of Islamic Passage.

Dimension of the stone : 28.0 X 22.5 X 9.2 mm
Dimension of the stone with gold pendant : 40.3 X 34.0 X 9.2 mm

Our family has been collecting picture stones for more than 70 years. After examining hundreds of thousands of cut stones, we have discovered this most rare and unique of picture stone with the name Muhammad formed inside the stone.

You will never find another gem like this!
Owning this masterpiece will be a joy forever! Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance.

The asking price for this one of kind gem is USD 75,000.00. If you are interested in this item, please write to us at meydi@meydigallery.com with an offer. We will consider and reply to any resonable offer. Thank you very much!